O O Mosugu, J C Nyam, I C Pam, F Shinku, E S Mador


The aim of the study was to evaluate studies of fetal anthropometric parameters with respect to type of study,

measurement procedure and how data was analyzed. The search was conducted on print and electronic database

to identify relevant studies of biparietal diameter, head circumference, occipitofrontal diameter, abdominal

circumference, femur length, weight as well as ratios of relevant fetal parameters measured with ultrasound

machine during normal pregnancy. Search revealed that the relationship between fetal parameters and gestational

age has been studied by researchers in different parts of the world. Of all the publications assessed, there appear

to be a logical difference in the data sets collected before and after 1974. The basis for this difference though not

known has been suggested to be as a result of the introduction of gray scale imaging which was made possible by

the use of convertors in scanning machines. Since all current ultrasound machines employ gray scale imaging, the

literature reviewed focused on eighty-eight (88) studies published after the introduction of convertors in

ultrasound machines.

Keywords: Ultrasound Machine, Normal pregnancy, Fetal Parameters, Gestational age

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